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To me life means nothing
So close to the edge
I've lost all hope in what was meant to be
Why did I trust you, to my heart I gave you the key
For I wanted to feel what belonging was
You showed me what hate does

Step by step I look over the edge
the thoughts of what I would leave behind fly through my head
Knowing eventually I'd have to let go
Realizing the secrets I hold so tight the world will never know

I used to live a life of sin
But I knew the day would come when I'd give in
I'm losing touch with my sanity
What the hell is wrong with me

I feel the life from my fingers slipping away
My room grows darker day by day
The once noticable heart begins to fade
From being so cold I begin to hate

The earth below me begins to fold
I bid a farewell to a world grown so cold
For this is my final good bye
With a faint smile I fall and die....
This is gonna be my first poem that i'll post but not my first ever this is just one of my favorite ones and well if you guys could critique it i'd be very happy....
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October 11, 2005
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